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name: Miles "Tails" Prower
species: Fox
fur colour: Yellow
life: 350
Tail Smack (20 damage)
Fake Ring (35 damage)
Energy Ball (30 damage)
Magic Hand (20 dmage, may stun)
Dive Bomb (60 damage, 15 to me.)
Tail Grab (Stuns the opponent for two turns.)
Chubots (15 damage, hits up to three times.)
Aerial Dodge (The next attack against me deals no damage. 3 times a match.)



Super Form: (Requires Chaos Emeralds)
Shining Aura: (Invincible to damage unless hit for a 100 damage attack. Loses 10 hp a turn.)
Gather Rings: (I may spend a turn to recover 12 hp.)
Flicky Bomb: (I sic my two bird friends on the opponent, 40 damage each.)
Shining Tails: (I swing my tails at the opponent, firing a blast of golden energy into them. 200 damage, immediatly returns to normal form and can't use Super Form again for the rest of the battle.)

Titan Form: (Damage/5, and opponent takes damage equal to half the moves full strength. Based on the Archie form but with a different appearance and not quite as strong, requires 1,000 emerald points to unlock, and must have used Super Form at least ten times. Only usable once per adventure, and in one pvp battle a month.)
Cosmic Barrier (A shield that prevents all damage to my allies. 3 turn cooldown)
Celestial Punch (A powerful punch, 200 damage)
Tail Drain (I spin my tails at high speed, drawing in the opponents strength. They take 100 damage, I gain 100 hp, and learn all their moves and forms for the remainder of the battle.)

rings: 200

team: (I couldn't find a list)

Chaos emeralds:

Emerald points:


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