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Post  sonic21 on Tue Dec 02, 2008 12:24 am

name: Oblivion
species: Llama
fur colour: brown with blue and gold streaks
life: 350HP
alpaca blast (20)
vicuna beam (35)
guanaco strike (40)
llama wave (32)
Inca wipe out (100) 3 turn cooldown
camalid canon (90) 1 turn cooldown
tsunami (30)
Chaos destruction (90) 1 turn cooldown

1.Incan Urcuchillay statue (gives inca wipe out)
2.Water sword (tsunami)
3.Dragon wings

1.Baby normal chao
name: Blade
(base stats set)
moves: k.punch (30), k.kick (25 and + 1 to k.punch), cry (0 but oponant is paralysed for 1 turn), aqua strike (45)
items: chao helmet
forms:1.chaos chao form (moves x2 power)
special:second time lucky (next move +5)

2.blade cat:
name: Fluffy
(the rest are base stats)
moves: scratch (20), claw strike (20)
items: none yet
forms:1.angered form (+5 to moves) gold chao:
name: carrat
moves: blast punch (40), blast kick (30 and + 1 to B. punch), cry (0 but opponant can't move for 1 turn), golden attack (40)
special: second time lucky (make next move +5)
forms: chaos chao form (moves x2 power), angel chao form (moves x3 power and + 3 damage to all moves), devil chao form (x2 power and + 12 damage to all moves)
items: none

1.chaos camalid (+ 6 to move)
2.dark llama (x 2 move)
3.napa llama (x 2 + 6 move)
4.werellama (as described below)

1.increased strength
(baby chao gets some of the effects)

rings: 542

team: shadow

Chaos emeralds: 1. green emerald (1 emerald gives chaos destruction)

Emerald points: 105
Emerald guardian
Emerald guardian

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