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Post  sonic21 on Tue Dec 02, 2008 12:46 am

Buy chao here.

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Chao: normal chao
base stats:
moves: karate punch (30), karate kick (25 and + 1 to K. punch), cry (0 but opponant can't move for 1 turn)
special: second time lucky (make next move +5)
forms: chaos chao form (moves x2 power)
price: 56 rings silver chao
base stats: silver punch (40), silver kick (45, dose 5 damadge to it's self), cry (opponant can't move for 1 turn)
special:chaos chao form (moves x2 power)
Price: 67 rings

You can customise your pets with stat inhancing food, herbs, items, armours and powers.
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